October 25, 2011

How to Thank an Author

I recently saw Michael Hick's "Liking, Sharing, Tagging and Reviewing Books on Amazon" and decided producing my own tutorial would be a great way to justify the money I spent on upgrading Jing from the free version to Pro. (Rationalizing impulse purchases is a life-skill everyone should develop... especially if you're married.)

I also wanted to do my part to spread the word about one of the best way to thank our favorite authors for writing the books we love.

So, here's my justification:

Virtual hugs and lots of love for anyone that uses these techniques on "Enchantment."


  1. Hey, that does help to know. I didn't do any of the tagging stuff. Also, I forgot to reply to your tweet about my goodreads review not including your @name. It went from Goodreads without my ever seeing the text and I bet amazon tweets are the same way.

    I also wanted to tell you can add Channie's diary as a tab on this blog. Blogger has the option now to make pages which show other sites. That's how I put my book website on my blog. Although it's a free Weebly site, they never bother me about upgrading to the pay version and the free version is very flexible and easy to use without knowing a lick of html. You can experiment and save your site without publishing however long it takes to make it look how you want, and it includes SEO optimization. I bought my own domain so I wouldn't have to use weebly's and just pointed it as per their help section instructions.

  2. very cool and easy way for people to learn how to spread the words :)