October 11, 2011

Stealth Mode, Why I love my iPad

There are at least two dozen reasons why I love my iPad, but I’m already writing a novel, so I’ll just focus on one reason in this post … 
When I was a kid, I’d a sneak a flashlight into my room so I could read under the covers after my folks turned out my light and ordered me to go to sleep. If you’re a parent, you already know how well that works. (There’s even a popular book about the subject with a very naughty word in the title. Naughty, but freakin’ hilarious). 
Anyway… I’d wait until I’d hear Momma and Daddy’s bedroom door close, then crawl under the covers and read my weekly book-mobile treasures by the light of my hand-dandy Eveready Jr. Commander flashlight. 
Invariably, one or the other of my parents would have to use the bathroom down the hall and spot the tell-tale glow from under my door. My mother had a sixth-sense that set off an alarm in her head anytime I misbehaved at all. (Very inconvenient during my teen years). 
Flash forward a couple of decades. I’m married to a loveable early-bird that wants me to go to bed when he does. Reading under the covers with a flashlight doesn’t work. Neither does a bedside lamp, an LED book light or an eye-mask. 
The Kindle app on my iPad has a white text on black screen setting that emits a negligible amount of light. TaDa! Stealth Mode. Now, I can read all night without anyone knowing. (Except, of course, for my mother. Her maternal instincts are as sharp as ever, even though she lives two states away.) 
Sorry, Mom, but I’ve got a great book on my iPad and there’s no way I’ll be able to sleep until I finish it. “The Little Universe” by Jason Matthews is well worth the $2.99 price and lost sleep. Y’all should go buy it right now. Especially if you enjoy science fiction mixed with a little philosophy. I can’t quit thinking about it. So … I’m going to sign off now, slip into bed and fire up the iPad. Sweet!


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  2. LOL, love this glimpse into what works for you! Fortunately for me my husband can sleep with the lights on, tv on, or light off and my nook color light shining in his face (believe me I tried it). He insists that If I went to bed earlier I would be happier in the morning and I insist that if he continues to smile at me in the morning I am going to throw my coffee cup at his face ;-)

    But you marriage is about compromise and stuff so while god gave you an ipad with stealth mode he gave me a husband that will sleep through my night owl ways and won't kill me for being a complete B in the morning.

  3. Charlotte, do you ever use your iPad while writing? Or just for reading? (and playing games?) -TimK