November 01, 2011

Wanna See My Happy Dance?

Ben Langrinchs -- host of “My Cozy Chair” review blog -- nominated “Enchantment” for the 2011 GoodReads Choice Award in the Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction category! I am completely blown away by this honor. THANK YOU BEN! 
If you’d like to add your vote (Please, please, please) you need to join GoodReads (if you like to read it’s something you should do whether you vote for my book or not) ANYWAY … sign in to your GoodReads account, then go here:

Scroll down and click on the "Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction" link on the side of the page. Wait for the page to refresh with a new selection of books, 

Scroll down (again) to the bottom of the page, type the word Enchantment into the text box below “Write-in Vote, Your Choice” 

It takes a few seconds for a list of books to appear, scroll down (one last time) until you see “Enchantment” by Charlotte Abel and click it. 

That should fill in the text box with an icon of the book’s cover art as well as title and author’s name. Click the vote button and wallah! Another angel gets it wings. Okay, maybe not, but I’ll do my happy dance each and every time someone votes for Enchantment. Leave a comment so I’ll know to start hopping around. If I get a hundred comments, I’ll post a video of my happy dance. (I feel fairly safe making this promise).
Here’s a screencast video of how to vote for Enchantment...