December 06, 2011

Need Help Choosing New Coverart

Hey everyone, I need your help! After attending IBC’s online workshop, I’ve decided to change the cover art for “Enchantment.” This was a difficult decision, since I’ve gotten so much positive (and unsolicited) feedback for the cover.
This time, I am soliciting. The deadline to change the cover before the big “12 Days of Christmas” sale is tomorrow. GAAAAAHHHH!
The critique I was given during the workshop mentioned that the current cover is too “Middle Grade.” That is NOT my target market. If you’ve read Enchantment, you know what I’m talking about. They suggested I lose the stars (sigh…I love bright and sparkly anything -- but I’m not the one buying the book.) They also said to change the silhouette and that it’s a bad idea to have the couple “together” on the cover. Since hooking up is the goal of all romance novels, I can see their point. ANYWAY … Here’s what I came up with. Please leave a comment with your preference or let me know if you hate both covers and what you’d do to make it better. (The watermark will disappear after I buy the photo of the girl).

If  you don’t mind, I’d appreciate it if you’d tweet this link to your followers on Twitter and post it on FaceBook. The more opinions the better.

Cover # 1


Cover #2

And one more ... Cover #3


  1. Eh, what do they know...

    Though, I can't really help here cause I'm terrible at covers. I had other people make mine and then they voted on which one was best.

    Ah, based on your tweets, it looks like you've decided on the one you like. I think it's my favorite of the three new ones.

  2. Thanks Daniel! I'm going with cover #1 for now. The nice thing about e-books is that it's so easy to change everything!

    I just noticed that the file I was working on is only 72dpi. (Needs to be 300dpi for print.) Guess the print edition will keep the old cover for awhile longer. I'm done with covers for awhile ;-)

  3. I forgot to ask. What is IBC?

  4. Indie Book Collective.