December 26, 2011

Tattooed Hearts

You know how some songs make lasting impressions, sort of a tattoo on your heart? Every time you hear it, forgotten memories and emotions snap to the front of your mind, taking your breath away. A first love, a broken heart, a forever farewell. I’ll never hear “Amazing Grace” without thinking of my brother-in-law’s funeral. 
Well, “Safe and Sound” by Taylor Swift is another one of those songs for me. I know it was written for “The Hunger Games” -- and I can definitely picture Katniss and Peeta (or Gale) in several scenes from the book -- but for me, I’ll always associate this song with the scene I need to write now. I've been listening to it for days.
In the first draft of "Finding Valor" Channie and Josh went to prom and high school graduation. In this draft … they don’t. 
I’ve laughed out loud before, even shed a few tears while immersed in my characters’ stories, but I’ve never openly wept. Until today. 
I’m not crazy. I know Channie and Josh aren’t real, but I’ve spent the past year and a half with them. I think about them all the time. They come to me in my dreams and speak to me as I write.
I can hear the sadness in Channie’s voice, feel the tears pricking the backs of her eyes as she tries to convince Josh that everything is going to be all right -- when it obviously isn’t. 
My heart hurts.
I could write it differently, make it easier on all of us, but if I can get through this one scene, I know it’ll be worth it.

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  1. I absolutely cannot wait for Finding Valor :)