January 18, 2012

Yes, I'm a Mess: Pre-launch Jitters and Other Nonsense

As you all know by now, I’m a total mess. I am determined to launch the second book in The Channie Series on January 27. I’ve gone through a series of different titles and covers in the past two weeks and have finally settled on “TAKEN” for book two.
Why on earth did I change the title yet again? That’s a valid question with a simple answer. The quality control experts at the Indie Book Collective hated the title “Empty” and have already turned down “Finding Valor.” (The titles, not the books!) 
It breaks my heart to lose “Finding Valor” but if it means more people finding and reading the books, that’s all that really matters.
The original cover art I submitted did not pass IBC’s quality control either so I launched a design contest at 99Designs, a crowd based website where designers compete for the job. 
There wasn’t much activity the first couple of days, so I panicked and created a new cover myself. So far, I like my own design best, but recent entries are looking good.
Check out what’s been submitted. Compare it to my cover art and let me know what you think!
 If I don’t pick a winner for TAKEN, maybe I’ll find a good designer to do the cover art for the final book (tentatively titled “Heartbound” although you can bet that’ll change before publication this summer). Just kidding. Sort of.
Back to TAKEN’s status … My beta readers responded like super-heros to my panicked plea for immediate help and got their responses back in record time. I’m currently making the changes inspired by their sharp eyes and fresh perspectives. (It’s amazing what you can miss on the sixth read through!) I hope to finish all edits by the end of the week, finalize the cover art and product description and get that book online on time!
By the way … I still need a couple more “quotes” for my product description on Amazon, so if you’ve read even a part of TAKEN and have an exciting comment you’d like to share … please do it!

January 09, 2012

Hi everyone,
I am weeks away from publishing Empty, the second book in The Channie Series. It’s been edited and is now in the capable hands of my beta readers. I’m fairly confident the book is solid so hopefully it won’t need anything other than minor adjustments. (Sound familiar?) 
I’ve been working on the cover art as well and by now we’ve all learned that what I post here rarely makes it onto the book, but I thought I’d share it anyway. Feel free to comment.  
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their encouragement and support this past year. I especially want to thank everyone that’s read and reviewed Enchantment and recommended it to their friends. You guys are what makes this all worth while. 
Hope everyone is off to a great start for the new year!
Best Wishes,