February 01, 2012

The Closest I'll Ever Get to Tim Tebow

Screenshot from Amazon: Best Sellers in Children's Sports Books
I showed this screenshot to my soulmate, my husband, my one true love. This is the conversation that followed... 
Pete: "Tim Tebow wrote a book? Cool. How much is it?"
Me: "Ten times as much as my book."
Pete: "Huh. Do you think it's worth ten bucks?"
Me: "I'm sure it is. Look a little closer."
Pete: "Aw, man. He didn't write it."
Me: "He was probably too busy practicing football to write a dang book. Now look reeeeeally close."
Pete: "Hey, is that your book?"
Me: "About freakin time."
Pete: "What's Enchantment got to do with football?"
Me: <Grinding teeth> "Nothing. But Josh is a BMX champion preparing for the 2012 London Olympics when he meets Channie."
Pete: "BMX is an Olympic sport?"
Me: "Can you PLEASE tell me how impressed you are that Enchantment is an Amazon bestseller?"
Pete: <Gives big hug lots of pats on the back> Sure, babe. I'm really proud of you. Can you start supper? I'm starved.
Through My Eyes: A Quarterback's Journey does indeed look like a very good book. Guess What Pete's getting for Valentine's Day. A signed copy of Enchantment. 


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  2. Congrats! That's awesome.

  3. Lmao, that is incredible! Tell your husband to take you out on a night like that... Pitty :-)

  4. LOL Can't compete with Tim Tebow. To be fair, I did change Enchantment's cover just last week.


  5. this is SO FUNNY! hahahahahaha wow, husbands can be so daft!

  6. It's a good thing he's so dang cute ;-) He's definitely getting excited now though as E and T both continue to climb in rank.


  7. Has anyone else noticed that Channie's eyes shift in the scroll bar to the right (Enchantment) SPOOKY! My blog is haunted! I don't blame her for wanting to retaliate after what happened in TAKEN.

    Or maybe I'm just reeeeaaaalllly tired.

  8. Carol Burkett7:43 AM

    I can so see this conversation happening. Family members keep us real.

    1. So true! Real and humble ;-)

  9. I love this story! I so do that to my Beloved, too. Trust me, neither Pete nor I mean anything by it. :) -TimK

  10. Thanks Tim. Pete's a good guy with a good heart (as are you). He's actually very proud of my books. He came home tonight and asked about lists and ranks instead of just "how many books did you sell?"

    AND he's taking me out for supper tonight, so all is forgiven. ;-)