February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day To Channie From Josh!

If you're reading this blog, I assume you already know who Channie and Josh are. But just in case you came here looking for my review of the Brookstone iPad case and stumbled across this post, let me fill you in.

Channie is a sixteen-year-old witch that falls in love with Josh, a BMX champion with washboard abs, a killer smile and the bluest eyes she's ever seen. (The fact that she's a witch is your first clue that these two kids are fictional ;-) They're the main characters in my novels, Enchantment and Taken, the first two books of The Channie Series.


When I got the mail yesterday, hidden amongst the bills and junk mail I found a Valentine's gift addressed to Channie from Josh! I giggled and hopped around like a school girl with her first crush then ran inside to open it. The neighbors already suspected I was crazy. They know for sure I am, now.

Nothing pleases me more than a reader that loves my characters as much as I do. This little gift made my entire Valentine's Day!

Sorry about the grainy photo, but I took it with my iPad. The note says, "Hey Babe, I hope you have a great Valentine's Day. Love always, Josh."

I'm saving that cookie forever!



  1. well if that isn't the MOST AWESOME card to get in the mail EVER!!! that is just soooooo cool :) also, if you wanna play a lil game... it's just for fun... YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED on my blog :) no worries, I know you are busy!! ;) http://magluvsya03.wordpress.com/2012/02/14/book-tagging-a-review-for-you/

    1. Hi Maghon! Thanks for tagging me. That looks like a ton of fun! (But you're right, I'm super busy.) Is there a deadline for responses?

  2. nope, no deadline or anything like that, this is just for fun :)