April 10, 2012

Bestseller for a Day

If you haven't already purchased a copy of Anew, STOP! Don't buy it yet.

Why on earth would I tell anyone to not buy a book that I personally reviewed and rated 5 stars?

Well, there's a couple of very good reasons for that. The first reason is if enough people buy Anew on April 12, 2012 it will help drive it to the top of the Kindle bestseller lists. The second, equally compelling reason is ... wait for it .... FREE BOOKS and a KINDLE!

You all know how passionate I am about free books! Especially high quality, bestselling free books. Basically, all you have to do is buy Anew on April 12 for $.99; purchase any (or all) of three bonus titles for $.99 (One of them is Enchantment ;-); then follow the instructions to receive your 100% rebate on the bonus books. So basically, you're getting 4 books for $.99

To show her gratitude, Chelsea is giving away a free Kindle! For detailed directions about how this all works, head on over to the Bestseller for a Day website.

If you'd like to read an excellent review of Anew, just scroll on down to my previous post ;-) Here's what the IBC is saying about the bonus books:

  • Enchantment by Charlotte Abel: Magic faces off with young love in this tale of a young witch slapped with a chastity curse. A Kindle Bestseller Top 20 in Love and Romance.

  • 7 Folds of Winter by Carolyn McCray: The Winter God has gone mad, dragging the world of Strathos into an eternal blizzard. Can a band of strangers fulfill a broken prophecy or will the prophecy break them and all they hold dear?

  • Gifts of the Blood by Vicki Keire: Before her world tilts toward impossible, Caspia Chastain thinks the only strange thing about her is that she sometimes draws the future. But then a stranger named Ethan appears. He’s frightening one moment, caring the next, and looks exactly like the subject of her most violent drawing.

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