May 06, 2012

Guest Post by Shaunda Kennedy Wenger

There's another Free Par-Tay starting May 7. Yay! More free books! The theme is "Spring Fling: Out with the old, in with the new" Which means Enchantment and Taken won't be featured this time around, but there's plenty of other bestsellers you won't want to miss. 

I'd like to introduce Shaunda Kennedy Wenger, author of The Ghost In Me. This is my first time to host a guest post, I hope you enjoy it.

The Internet: Uniting Readers with Today’s Indie Authors by Shaunda Kennedy Wenger

Gone are the days when editors held the golden keys to The Magical Land of Story. Gone are the days when their own tastes denied the reader of a heart-pounding, page-turning book (Harry Potter was rejected several times before it finally was given a chance). (Say, what?) Or a publisher’s inclination to stay within their comfort zone bypasses a step-out-of-the-box title from an emerging author for another tried-and-true book in the Magic Tree House or Goosebumps series, for example (how many are there?). The internet and ebook publishing are bridging the gap between Indie Authors with good stories to tell and Pioneering Readers with a passion for tales.

Of course, this new relationship isn’t a random mistake that has spun out of technology. Seasoned Indie Authors, who take pride in their craft and work diligently to bring the best stories to hopeful readers, are winning more and more readers away from the Gate Keepers every day, simply by offering wonderful stories at a reasonable price. Which is great, because reasonable prices make everyone sleep a whole lot better, which puts everyone in a great mood, which leads to random acts of kindness, which… well, you get my point. Indie Authors make the world go round. Not only that, they unite it.

Today, the relationship between reader and author is more transparent, more direct, than ever before. Walls made of agents, publicists, book buyers, and distributors don’t exist between the Pioneering Reader and Indie Author. Writing, itself, no longer seems to be an elusive, mysterious, solitary art. All that exists in this technologically-driven relationship is an author offering his book and a reader willing to take a peek at what lies beneath the cover.

Today’s Indie Author works harder than ever to connect with readers, because Indie Authors know that readers are the final part of the equation when it comes to creating stories. Without readers, what meaning would any stories hold? Readers make any story complete. Readers are the final, can’t-be-ignored seasoning in the perfect bowl of stew. If writers make the world go round, readers are the axis around which it spins.

And you know what? A happy, spinning world allows parties to happen!!!!
Spring Fling takes flight this week when a select group of more than 30 Indie Authors offer their ebooks for FREE from May 7-9! Many of these authors have already won awards and have made it on the bestseller lists, and they are stepping out in this event with new titles!

At these “prices” you won’t be disappointed. With the wide range of styles and genres to choose from, I’m willing to bet you’ll find a new favorite Indie Author to wave and rave about, not because of a commercial, or a tie-in to a movie at the cinema, or because it seems like a safe bet, but because you set out like a pioneer and discovered him yourself. Go to and Join the ParTay!!

Guest post by Shaunda Kennedy Wenger


  1. Shauda, I agree, and I love the new world of books! Last year, my hub bought a Kindle for my birthday and I discovered the exciting innovative creative energy in stories missing for so long. Some of the best books I've read in years have been self-pubbed, only cost me 99¢, or I picked them up at the last Free Par-Tay. This is an event readers should not miss!

  2. Thank you Charlotte! I loved the guest host, Shaunda! You were spot on. Jacquie, I agree with you as well! There is so much excitement in the books I am reading lately, and I don't think they would have been published it it wasn't for the self publishing revolution. The world has changed for the better, and I am finding authors I never would have, without the freepartay :-)

  3. I have to agree, of course! ;) After having worked with other authors whose stories I absolutely LOVED, but weren't in print, I realized we weren't the only ones dealing with such frustrations. For every favorite Indie author I discover, there are ten more out there waiting--swimming/bobbing/floating in the sea. It truly is an exciting time, and exceptionally rewarding to help spread the word and elevate a new, deserving Indie.

  4. I so agree that indie publishing bridges gaps. Indie publishing has opened the doors to many authors whose books dont' fit the mold.

  5. I love the new relationship between reader and author. I remember the day I tried to write to my favorite author and had to go through the publicity department at the publisher. I don't know if he ever got my letter; he certainly never responded. As an author, I treasure the easy and quick access to readers. I love when they leave comments on my website or email me.