January 14, 2013

New Website Devoted to Short Stories

Has anyone else noticed the sudden proliferation of short stories on Amazon? 

At first I was resistant to the trend. I've always preferred full-length novels over shorts and novellas and multi-book series over standalone novels. But as my life has gotten busier, I've found that short stories are perfect for those times when I have a few moments to myself. They aren't a replacement for full-length books, anymore than appetizers are a replacement for a full meal, but they are a wonderful addition to the smorgasbord of literature available for eReaders and tablets.

It’s still hard to find short stories in print, not that I’ve actually looked, but it’s an assumption supported by other online resources such as The Alluvium Journal.

I remember reading short stories in my Mom’s “ladies magazines” and thoroughly enjoying them. Until she found out and started editing out all the good stuff with a felt-tip marker.

ANYWAY… I’m all grown up now, and delighted to find a growing selection of short fiction to satisfy my ‘need to read’ when starting a novel would be too distracting. (It’s hard for me to stop reading until the story is finished.) I don’t dare start a novel, or heaven forbid a series, when I’m writing under a deadline. (Which is most of the time.)

I’ve even tested the waters authoring a couple of short-stories myself. They’re stand-alone stories, but they’re also companion stories for the two series I’ve published on Amazon. “Down the Rabbit Hole” gives readers a tantalizing peek into Jonathan’s mind before he meets River in the first book of The Sanctuary Series, River’s Recruit. I wrote “The Gathering” a Channie/Hunter prequel to Enchantment to help with the wait while I finish Finding Valor.

I’ve found a wonderful website devoted to short stories and collections of short stories. I hope to have my own stories featured there, soon but I wanted to let everyone know about the site right now. So, go check out Lunch Time Reads. It’s a veritable buffet of bite-sized fiction. There’s something for everyone ;-)


  1. I not only love to read short stories, I love to write them. They're a quick fix when I'm tired of working on novels. So I love Lunch Hour Reads! You're right. They don't replace novels, but they're perfect when a novel is too much of a commitment.

  2. Anonymous2:52 AM

    try litizen.com for free short stories