June 24, 2013

Finding Valor now available on Amazon

The long awaited conclusion to The Channie Series is now available

It's been a long journey to get here but I'm so happy to announce that Finding Valor is published and ready for you. I hope it was worth the wait. I'm really happy with how it all wraps up...I hope you are too!

For my loyal readers, I'll be offering Finding Valor for only $.99 until June 26th. Grab a copy before the price goes up to $3.99.

And here is a little excerpt...

The first thing Josh noticed when he woke up was the pain. He pressed his fingers against his temples but it didn’t help. A sharp-edged ache in the center of his chest throbbed with every beat of his heart, echoing the pain behind his eyes. He groaned and pried his lids open. It took him a moment to recognize the sound-dampening ceiling tiles, sage green walls and eighty-four inch flatscreen TV. What the hell was he doing at Dad’s house? 
“Daddy! Josh is awake.” 
The high-pitched, childish voice ratcheted Josh’s pain to a whole new level of agony. Two identical, tear-stained faces leaned over him. Double vision. He must have a concussion. Josh squinted, but couldn’t merge the images. When a third face appeared, identical to the other two except for a lack of tears, Josh squeezed his eyes shut. A small, warm hand patted his cheek. 
“You can’t go back to sleep. Channie needs you.” 
“Get back, CoCo. Let him breathe.” The man’s voice was hoarse with a light Spanish accent. “He’s not going to remember anything.” 
Josh slowly rolled his head to the side and forced his eyes open once more. The man was about twenty with dark skin, hair and eyes. He’d also been crying. 
“Who are you?” The little boys chattered at the same time, making it impossible to understand any of them. Josh pressed his palms against his ears. 
“Dial it back a bit. I have a migraine.” 
 One of the kids cocked his head to the side. “Use a pain-away spell. Josh fought through the pain, dizziness and nausea to sit up. 
“Okay, what’s going on?” 
 The man sighed, long and loud. “You’re not going to believe this.”


  1. This is not on GR yet.I have 1clicked! It's been soo long.Very very excited to get back on this one.Will this be the last book?

    1. Hi Bernadeth,

      Finding Valor is the final book of Josh & Channie's story. There might be a spinoff or three featuring Savvy, CoCo and Zeal but right now, my top priority is finishing the Sanctuary Series.