February 09, 2014

The Young Adult/New Adult HEART Swag Giveaway

Hey Friends

I'm participating in a blog hop with some awesome authors with some cool swag.

Be sure to visit the following blogs for many chances to win:
  1. Kelsey Ketch (INT)
  2. Jennifer Lane
  3. Kate Evangelista (INT)
  4. Susan Kaye Quinn
  5. Cherie Colyer (US)
  6. Kristi Helvig (US/CA)
  7. Kelly Hashway/Ashelyn Drake
  8. Julia Crane (INT)
  9. Mary Ting/M. Clarke
  10. Nikki Godwin
  11. Fabio Bueno
  12. Juliana Haygert
  13. Lea Nolan
  14. Nicki Elson
  15. Kristina Renee
  16. Stacey Marie Browb
  17. A.J. Bennett (INT)
  18. Kym Brunner
  19. Jen McConnel
  20. Beth Pond
  21. Stephanie Thomas
  22. C. Marie Mosley
  23. Rachel Harris

About River's Recruit

A beautiful, young shape-shifter discovers a lost backpacker trespassing in her territory during a blizzard. She has two choices: recruit him into her cult-like tribe, or kill him.

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