April 27, 2015

Naked Edge - New Contemporary Romance by Charlotte Abel

I'm so excited to share Naked Edge

Book One of The Rocky Mountain Romance Series. 

EMT and Wilderness Rescue volunteer, Rusty Daletzki, is furious when Skylar Layton returns to Eldorado Springs, Colorado after an unexplained four year absence. 

Skylar left the protection of WITSEC to reunite with Rusty, only to find the shy, sweet boy she fell in love with is now a self-proclaimed ‘hard-hearted, mean son of a bitch that can get laid whenever he wants.’ 

Everyone, including Rusty, claims he’s broken beyond repair. Skylar believes otherwise and is determined to reclaim his heart, even when his psychotic stepsister’s attempts to keep them apart turn deadly. 

I'm also proud to share the original music I wrote for this novel. You can listen to the songs on my original music page.

*** NOTE: Naked Edge was previously published under a pseudonym Charli Webb but I'm re-releasing under my own name so it's easier for my fans to find. However, there were not significant changes made in this new release so I wouldn't suggest buying it if you've already read the earlier version. ***

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